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Anyone can make a web page but it requires a skills set of considerable range to design a website that has the following characteristics:

  • Professionally looking and graphically pleasing to view
  • Logically laid out with intuitive navigation
  • Clear and descriptive use of language
  • Focussed content that quickly gets to the point
  • Enticing interactive elements to get visitor participation
  • Containing marketing elements to help search engines find the information contained in the pages
  • Constructed in a way that results in an acceptable operating speed
  • Containing analytical elements to gather statistics on visitor behaviour
  • Constructed in a way that is easily maintained and updated

Just like all other DIY (do it yourself) projects, all of the tools for web design are accessable to anyone that wants to learn.  With some determination and dedication all of the skills required can be learned and obtained from the Internet most of the time for free.  Many people opt to take this route mainly because of the apparent cost saving advantage. 

Most of the time however, DIY webdesign lack in the following aspects:

  • Professional appearance and operation
  • Availability of technologies to create variation and flexability
  • The ability to rank high in search engines as a result if insufficient technical expertise

As a result, it often costs more in time, ineffectiveness and un-professionalism.

Contact Us today.  You will be satisfied irrespective of which Website Design Package you choose.


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