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Domain Name Transfer Procedure


It is a pre-requisite that the websites of our customers be hosted by Hetzner (www.hetzner.co.za) with whom we affiliate as resellers and that we be allowed to administer the hosting of your domain name and website on Hetzners servers. If you already have a domain name registered with another organization, then it is required that the domain name and hosting be transferred to Hetzner.

When changing hosting companies, the domain name Registrar must be given the necessary information to redirect traffic to the new hosting location. Once the domain name registration record is updated to reflect Hetzner's network (i.e the domain name servers at Hetzner), you are able to enjoy the full benefits associated with a Hetzner hosting account.

These are the steps required:

STEP 1: Cancel the existing contract with your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) / hosting company
Your current ISP must be informed in writing that:
  1. You wish to terminate services.
  2. Be specific as to which services to be canceled. Indicate any services that will be retained. Other services that may still be required are such as web design, dial-up, ADSL, consulting services, etc.
  3. (Appendix A an attachement at the bottom of this page,  is an example letter that can be used to terminate hosting services with your current ISP.)

STEP 2: Settle any outstanding payment
It is important to meet all contractual obligations. If the ISP's co-operation is required at a later date, it is not likely to be forthcoming if payments are due.  

STEP 3: Establish control over your domain name
Does the domain belong to you; is it registered into your ownership? Some ISPs incorrectly register the domain name into their ownership rather than the actual owner as 'surety' against outstanding payments.

To assist with the registration update and to ensure that the legal owner's detail is provided to the registrar, kindly complete the form provided in Appendix B an attachment at the bottom of this page.

STEP 4: Initiation of the actual transfer process.
You can request assistance from us at any time. Once steps 1, 2 and 3 have taken place, the appropriate procedures will be initiated by Specialized Graphics to create/update/transfer your domain name. We will advise of any unusual circumstances that could affect the transfer process.

The transfer procedure followed for different domain types differ and these are explained below:

.co.za and .org.za domains:
An Update Form will be submitted via UniForum SA (the registrar for .co.za domain names) or Internet Solutions (the registrar for .org.za domain names). The legitimacy of this Update Application is verified by consolidating 'voting tickets' from the contact email addresses (i.e. the guardians of a domain name) listed on the registration record. The Guardians of a domain name are: The Domain Owner (Registrant), The Administrative Contact, The Technical Contact and the address listed in the SOA (Start of Authority) resource record of the domain name as the contact person. The Guardians can then use the tickets to vote on the update and have 24 hours to submit their votes. If your email address is included, you will need to approve the ticket. If your email is not included, your ISP should respond favorably on your behalf. As a last resort, the domain name can be updated manually with UniForum SA or Internet Solutions.  

International domains:
.com/.org/.net/.info/.biz domains are usually administered by commercial registrars who provide online user accounts to manage domains. A login name and password will be required to log into a user account and update the domain's name servers. Alternatively the domain can be moved to one of the registrars that Hetzner liaises with for international domain name registrations. This procedure is known as a 'Registry transfer.' STEP 5: Domain transfer process completed Your hosting account with Hetzner will be browsable once domain propagation is complete.

Note: After sign-up with Hetzner, immediate access to the hosting account is possible. Any website content can then be uploaded onto the Hetzner server even prior to the domain transfer. If you have enlisted the services of Specialized Graphics this will be done by us to ensure that the website is available online at the moment of transfer.

If there are email addresses on an existing domain account this will also be transferred with the domain transfer. It is advisable to create the same email names on the Hetzner servers prior to the domain transfer to ensure no loss of email information. Once again if you have enlisted the services of Specialized Graphics, we will ensure that the email addresses that are listed on the form in Appendix B are available at the moment of transfer.

Download this file (Domain information sheet.pdf)Appendix B - Domain name information sheet.pdf[Domain name information sheet for registrations or transfers]95 Kb19/05/10 01:29
Download this file (Domain registration.doc)Domain registration.doc[Domain name information sheet for registrations or transfers (Word document)]62 Kb16/05/11 19:28
Download this file (Notice of hosting termination.pdf)Appendix A - Notice of hosting termination[Notice of hosting termination]30 Kb19/05/10 01:29

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